Vision: Providing technologies that make data meaningful

Mission: Delivering high-quality accessible metadata solutions that help our clients maximise the value of their data


Aristotle Green

Main Aristotle logo color


Aristotle Dark Green (Aristotle green 10% darker)

Better contrast with white for WCAG compliance


Argonaut Yellow

Used for staff related branding




Used for us.

Aristotle Cloud Services main logo

Primary logo. Used for outward facing work, has a nice white outline to make it pop.

Logo circle

Used when the main logo needs to be a circle.

Legacy reference logo

Inspiration for where it all began. See the original by William Home Lizars. https://www.nationalgalleries.org/art-and-artists/23285/aristotle-384-322-bc-greek-philosopher

Aristotle Cloud Services grayscale logo

Alternate logo. Used for print or grayscale work.

Profile head

Used for people. Based on the main logo.

Aristotle Cloud Services monochrome logo

Alternate logo. Used for print or monochrome work.

Aristotle Cloud Services alternate main logo

Alternate logo when an outline isn't needed.

Aristotle Cloud Services thick outline logo

Alternate logo with a thicker outline. Useful at smaller sizes

White background

Plain white square.

The Aristotle Head/Sun/Mountain Logo is a registered trademark of Aristole Metadata Enterprises Pty. Ltd.